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digital transformation · 07 April 2021

We participate in #ThinkTankPackaging: Disruptive Technologies

Conference organized by Cluster de Innovación de Envase y Embalaje in which to reflect on #technology #innovation and new #business models…

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blockchain · 10 March 2021

The Motor Chain, documentation of classic vehicles on Blockchain

What was Julio's dream? Julio Saiz is a fervent collector of classic vehicles. From his own experience he realized that many documents…

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Artificial Intelligence · 10 February 2021

What can I use Artificial Intelligence for in my company?

Artificial Intelligence. These are two words that are becoming very common in both business and everyday vocabulary. More and more products…

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Artificial Intelligence · 27 January 2021

Gretel, the tool for planning long-distance mountain races

What was Jorge looking for? Jorge Vilanova is passionate about mountain races or what is internationally known as trail running. At the time…

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Digital transformation · 15 December 2020

Digital transformation: a horizon of opportunities

In a globalised world, there are fewer and fewer frontiers delimiting the market for products and services. This context offers a great…

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blockchain · 25 November 2020

Why did the EU rule out recommending Blockchain technology for the development of anti-COVID19 apps?

The help offered by blockchain technology Since the beginning of the pandemic, we at Exponentia have been thinking about using technology to…

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blockchain · 11 November 2020

The security of blockchain technology

The aim of this article is to present a high level definition of Blockchain and discuss why it is often associated with the concept of…

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