The Motor Chain, documentation of classic vehicles on Blockchain

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The Motor Chain

What was Julio's dream?

Julio Saiz is a fervent collector of classic vehicles. From his own experience he realized that many documents related to vehicles were lost, either due to deterioration of the documents over time or loss during transactions.

Julio understood that the true value of a classic vehicle lies not only in its make, model or age, but in the story it tells.

What if there was a technological tool that would help maintain the history of classic vehicles? A tool that would allow collectors to maintain, share and even transfer this information, so that it could not be lost over the years.

Julio is also a computer engineer (ICAI) and knew that blockchain technology could add a lot of value to the business model but he needed experts to validate his idea and make it a reality and that's where he discovered Exponentia.

By Petrolheads for Petrolheads

Together with Cul de Sac and Blockchain Work Labs (Exponentia's company) began the ideation phase, having a trusted technology partner to provide a technological point of view and user usability is vital for a successful service.

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After a Workshop in which the requirements and initial ideation were taken, every two weeks we had demonstrations and tests of the platform, in this way we could keep aligned in the needs and expectations of the project. Julio was a very active part in the development phases and at all times he was aware of the current status of the project, what was still to be developed.

Thus was born The Motor Chain a mobile application for iOS, with the objective, not only to maintain the history of classic vehicles, but also to educate future collectors.

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The complexity of classic car collecting

When registering the vehicles in the Blockchain network we were aware that a vehicle is the sum of its parts, and its most important parts, the chassis, the engine and the transmission, are interchangeable and at the same time unique parts, that is why we had to register each of the parts of the vehicle as an individual part within the Blockchain network, thus creating NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens). These tokens are unique and can be transferred between vehicles if necessary.

One of the keys to the success of the project was to create a platform that was easy and intuitive to use. Entering data into an application can be a tedious task, however, thanks to testing during development and subsequent implementation and always listening to the users of the platform, we iterated to make the user experience as conducive and instructive as possible.

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Trust and long-term relationships

Currently, The Motor Chain continues to add petrolheads to its platform and from Blockchain Work Labs we continue to maintain and improve the application constantly. Our differential value is that, once the development is finished, we like to accompany the client and guarantee the success of the project.

At the time of publication of this article, Exponentia and The Motor Chain are embarking on Phase 2 of the project development.