R&D&I Financing Services

Financing services created with 100% customer needs in mind and with the highest quality at your service.

R&D&I Financing for Companies

Exponentia's work philosophy is focused on offering tailor-made solutions, studying the needs of each of the R&D&I projects we work with and adapting to them in order to provide our clients with a personalized service.

In our methodology, we start with a previous analysis that allows us to determine the situation of the company and offer individualized advice on the best financing tools for your situation. After this, we accompany the client throughout the life cycle of the project both in obtaining funding, project management, project justification and protection of the results.

R&D&I Financing Use Cases

Accelerate the growth of your organization with our leading R&D&I Financing services.

Public Funding

  • Access to public funding has countless competitive advantages for the beneficiary entities that go beyond the project funding itself.

Tax Deductions

  • Tax Deductions for R&D&I are aimed at rewarding the effort made by companies in the development of innovative activities.

Trust in the word of our customers

I know the Exponentia/BWL team well and have had the opportunity to collaborate with them on several technology initiatives. They are a top-notch team, committed and focused on solid results to provide the best solutions to the companies they collaborate with.

César Romera

César Romera

IBM - Director of Business Development Europe

In our industry, digital transformation is not just about becoming more competitive. It's about survival. Without Exponentia this would not be possible.

Manuel Boggiero

Manuel Boggiero

Romeu Group - Chief Digital Transformation

Exponentia's collaboration has been a real gift for Moms in Action. Thanks to the impeccable work of their team, their commitment and dedication, our organization has been able to continue growing, guaranteeing our work and impact, increasing results in a measurable way and reducing effort. Thank you Exponentia for helping us reach more children and further!

Majo Gimeno

Majo Gimeno

Mamás en Acción - CEO

The excellence in technological preparation and the immense human quality of Exponentia's leaders and team, make this company a necessary partner of reference for technology and innovation, giving full guarantees both in digital transformation, as well as in the use of artificial intelligence and implementation of tools that use it. On the other hand, in my capacity as Coordinator of the Ateneo Club de Innovación & Empresa, I can affirm that it would be impossible to understand this department of the Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia without the presence of Juan García Sánchez, with his high capacity for management and strategy design, and without the invaluable technical contributions of Juan Besari Jiménez.

Ignacio Carrau

Ignacio Carrau

Founder of Carrau.legal and Vice President of Ateneo Mercantil

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with the Exponentia team in several initiatives and I know them very well. The technical results are impeccable and the personal treatment is unbeatable. They are a first class team, professional, committed, serious and efficient with the projects they take on. Congratulations Exponentia and thank you for everything!

Ignacio Grande

Ignacio Grande

Director of the Colegio de Ntra. Sra. Desamparados and Cáritas Diocesana of Valencia

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