The Motor Chain

The aim of The Motorchain as a platform is to provide a better way to manage, preserve, share and transfer the history of the classic car.

We developed this project together with the fantastic team of Vision Alley. They were in charge of the design and user experience part and we were in charge of the technological part of the programming.

The project consisted of a mobile application (iOS) and a web administration interface to manage the whole history management flow of the car; creating events, adding photos and documentation, sharing with users, sharing with workshops and in this way, being able to easily and safely manage the history of the car. The project uses Blockchain technology so that the events created in the car's timeline are immutable and cannot be modified to provide a solid and secure foundation.

The project was developed starting with a consulting and co-creation phase with the whole team of Julio (TMC) and Vision Alley to define all the experience before starting the programming. From here a well-defined roadmap was generated with agreed milestones and deliverables.

Then, in the development phase, with our focus on trust and proximity to our customers, we iterated on the product aligning expectations to generate a deliverable in line with customer expectations. Every two weeks we did a real product demo to show the client the progress of the project and fix possible deviations; communication was very fluid and the client was included in the development cycle. In this way, we believe that we are able to create successful projects that are aligned with the client's expectations and advise on what we think are the best solutions from a technological point of view.

Currently, The Motorchain continues to grow its user and car base by solving a problem through the use of technology, relying on trusted partners.

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