The NGO Mamas en Acción doubles its volunteers and its care for children in hospitals throughout Spain thanks to Exponentia software.

Customer necessity

The need to improve its internal management, since it had a large volume of volunteer data, which it had to organize for its distribution of work and operation.

Exponentia solution

Exponentia develops a web portal with ERP functions where volunteers can register and after validation, sign up on a calendar to accompany a minor.


  • Digital transformation through the creation of a substitute application for whatsapp, emails and excel.

  • Greater scalability at a much lower operational cost (they have opened in more than 5 cities in less than a year).

  • They have gone from 700 to 4,000 volunteers thanks to the application and have brought order to the administrative chaos.


  • Improved decision making.

  • Cost reduction.

  • Improved profitability.