Thanks to Datocles, Exponentia predicts for a multinational in the fishing sector, the limited areas of schools of fish, which causes an increase in their catches and a drastic reduction in costs.

Customer necessity

The company requests to reduce the enormous search periods for specific schools of fish, in order to reduce the large investment of resources that this entails.

Exponentia solution

Exponentia creates a system to predict the behavior of fish and the variables that affect this behavior, and thus define safe zones for schools of these specific fish.


  • Analysis of the behavior of the fish, to predict their movements and routes.

  • Analysis of the meteorological and geographical circumstances that help predict the existence of schools of fish.

  • Relationship between variables to delimit zones.


  • Drastic increase in productivity.

  • Cost reduction and better use of resources.

  • Increased profitability.

Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Responsible production and consumption: avoid the laying of nets in an area without target fish, reducing the capture of other species.

  • Climate Action: Fewer fishing vessels and voyages mean less fuel use and CO2 emissions.

  • Life underwater: avoid using aggressive location devices (non-invasive location thanks to satellite).

  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure: optimize business processes, improving productivity and sustainability.