With Gretel we had the challenge of creating a tool to be able to plan long distance mountain races in the greatest detail possible. We had a few consultancy and project ideation meetings with Jorge Vilanova and all his team to have clear all the functional part that was expected.

The aim was to set up a route editor with route altimetry to see when to drink, eat, use poles, refreshment points, slopes, etc. At the end, the user, from the map, has a totally personalised planning at the level of running speed, times of passage through points of interest, running times, nutrition, hydration, medical points, etc. This resulting map is a PDF file that can be sent to the organisation of the corresponding race and picked up already printed on the runner's bag together with their race number or it can be printed directly from the portal, to be carried with them during the race. This type of race is usually very long (ultra trails).

On a technological level, we solved all the challenges and every two weeks we gave a demonstration to Jorge's team with all the advances in case any point had to be adjusted. At all times we were accessible and we were listening to the client to better understand the problem we were trying to solve. Advising on technical doubts and trying to provide the best solution.

The application is currently in production and has sponsorship from prestigious races such as UTMB Vall d'Aran. Many users use it daily to plan their races.

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