Exponentia's Blockchain technology allows a sustainable energy solutions company to save energy from 90 to 100%, facilitating the benefit of saved carbon credits.

Customer necessity

The client requests to certify the savings in carbon emissions through the use of solar panels instead of combustion engines to drive irrigation pumps in agricultural facilities.

Exponentia solution

Exponentia develops a web system that controls the power generation of different facilities and allows tokenizing carbon credits. Additionally, a marketplace that allows you to sell and buy those credits as tokens.


  • Change of traditional generators for solar panels, causing great energy savings.

  • Traceability and integration of the energy produced, consumed and discharged into the network.

  • Connection with Red Eléctrica Española (REE) to calculate the CO2 saved and its subsequent tokenization.

  • Marketplace programming for the sale of carbon credits in a secondary market.


  • Cost reduction.

  • More information for decision making.

  • Development of a new business model.