Product developed for Grupo Romeu. It is a web tool that allows the transformation of documentation into structured data by means of character recognition and automatic document processing, mainly PDFs and Excel, considerably reducing the workload of the staff (previously it was an arduous, slow and repetitive process). Thanks to this tool, operators can:

  • Upload files of commercial invoices and packing lists. These documents are related to import/export processes of the forwarding company.
  • Select over the documents to extract information.
  • Visualise where the data they need can be by means of heat maps.
  • Store the extracted data in their servers.

Throughout the development process, direct communication has been maintained with the Romeu Group in order to provide them with the product best suited to their needs. The client's opinion was very important in order to make the process carried out by the operators as quick and simple as possible, so as to reduce the time and workload.

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