Recommendation, optimization and alarm systems

Recommendation systems

Our recommenders offer suggestions for selling items to customers based on historical data and other external data sources to obtain the best results.

The systems automatically send the responsible professional a list of recommended actions and then monitor their success.


  • Increased number of operations by automating processes.

  • Loyalty and increase in the client/supplier portfolio.

  • Increase profitability.

  • Increased efficiency of the purchasing and sales departments by automating part of the process.

  • Improvement of supply planning and forecasting.

Prediction systems

These systems obtain data from the company's history to make predictions using Artificial Intelligence algorithms, such as the prediction of purchase prices or the number of sales based on seasonality.

Examples of prediction systems:

  • Stock prediction.

  • Quality prediction.

  • Sales prediction.

  • Shopping prediction.


  • Production improvement.

  • Avoid risks.

  • Provisioning improvement.

  • Productivity increase.

  • Cost reduction.

Business Intelligence

Integrate and add your business data for automatic analysis that will generate reports and metrics that generate very valuable information for the company and decision making.


  • Improve decision making.

  • Manage queries automatically.

  • Increase productivity.

  • Reduce strategic errors.

International tools

Analyze trade flows and balances, identify new business and detect sales opportunities in other countries.


  • Increase the visibility and knowledge of the target market.

  • Increase business development.

  • Increase sales.

  • Improve decision making.

  • Reduce costs.

Some sectors of activity



Insurance & Fintech


These projects may be eligible for public funding and R&D deduction.

Estudiamos y gestionamos convocatorias, analizando el negocio y la realidad de cada empresa.


  • Lower interest rate.

  • It is not declared in CIRBE.

  • Greater value of the company for the bank.

  • Long term.

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