Optimization of processes

Technology consulting

We analyze business challenges in a personalized way, offering solutions and optimizing processes.


  • We provide transparency and traceability of information to carry out analyzes that allow us to anticipate business needs and prescribe actions.

  • We increase efficiency and reduce low-value activities.

  • We develop customized solutions to take advantage of business opportunities.

Document digitalization

Automatic reading and processing of documents. Receive, analyze and manage files commonly used in the company: invoices and simple documents, among others.


  • Increases the profitability of the company.

  • Reduce or eliminate low-value work processes and associated human error.

  • It allows to have the traceability of the information.

Process automation (RPA)

Automation is about streamlining and simplifying work processes. Automation technology solutions include: Software robots, Virtual Assistants, Chatbots, Cognitive Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence Solutions, among others.


  • Reduce costs.

  • Task automation.

  • High customization capacity.

Some sectors of activity



Insurance & Fintech


These projects may be eligible for public funding and R&D deduction.

Estudiamos y gestionamos convocatorias, analizando el negocio y la realidad de cada empresa.


  • Lower interest rate.

  • It is not declared in CIRBE.

  • Greater value of the company for the bank.

  • Long term.

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