Artificial Intelligence applied to the recommendation of customers and suppliers.

Analyze indicators, optimize processes and generate business opportunities.

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  • Strengthen the company by generating new sales and cross-selling based on data about suppliers and customers.

  • It also optimizes purchases, treasury and articles.

  • Additionally, it offers the possibility of viewing and generating reports of multiple performance indicators, as well as the management of alarms and notifications.

Some use cases


  • Direct increase in sales with an impact on billing of up to 20 million euros through the generation of an automatic cross-selling system.
  • Suggestions derived from historical customer data.


  • Direct and drastic increase in profits.
  • Reduction of working times.
  • Increase in the client portfolio.
  • Increased profitability.

A product recommendation system developed from Datocles allows one of the main agri-food product trading companies to increase its turnover by up to 20 million euros.


  • Analysis of the behavior of the fish, to predict their movements and routes.
  • Analysis of the meteorological and geographical circumstances that help predict the existence of schools of fish.
  • Relationship between variables to delimit zones.


  • Increase in fish catches.
  • Significant improvement in productivity.
  • Reduction of costs and better use of resources.

Thanks to Datocles, Exponentia predicts for a multinational in the fishing sector, the limited areas of schools of fish, which causes an increase in their catches and a drastic reduction in costs.

Datocles Applications

As long as structured data exists, Datocles is capable of impacting multiple areas and generating different types of recommendations, analysis, and predictions.

Some of its most common applications are:


Datocles allows the control and monitoring of multiple KPIs related to the company's sales processes.


Item purchase KPIs can be controlled by supplier and geographical area.


Control of the most and least sold items, monitoring and prediction of sale and purchase prices.


Monitoring of customer credit limits, collections and payments pending expiration and account balance analysis.

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