R&D&I Tax Deduction Services

The General Administration of the Spanish State offers the possibility of applying a tax deduction with the aim of encouraging research, development and technological innovation activities in companies.

R&D&I Tax Deductions for Companies

Tax deductions for R&D&I are a mechanism of indirect financing of innovation that allow a considerable reduction in the amount to be paid in the Corporate Income Tax through a return for the expenses incurred in an R&D&I project. This tool has effects comparable to those of a subsidy, but is not taxed. It is freely applicable, compatible with other aid or subsidies and its scope will be in accordance with the scope of the innovation project.

The return percentage covers up to 59% of the R&D expenses and 12% of the IT expenses incurred in the same project. The amount that the startup, SME or large company applies will be exponential to the certified expenditure in one or the other category.

Advantages of R&D Tax Deductions for Businesses

Accelerate the growth of your organization with our leading R&D&I financing services.

Advantages over Subsidies

Effects comparable to the subsidy, but not taxed.

Free and General Application

Free and general application for all types of companies.

Proportional R&D&I Incentive

Tax deduction proportional to R&D&I activities.


Compatible with public aid.

Possibility of Subsequent Application

It can be applied in subsequent years.

Innovation as a Differential Aspectl

Added value with respect to the competition.

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César Romera

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