Big Data Services and Solutions

Complement your models and systems with solutions based on Big Data, contributing to decision making with a balanced investment in time and costs, thinking about the future.

Big Data Consulting

We support organizations throughout the entire life cycle of a Big Data project. From the definition of the most appropriate methodology and strategy, to the development and deployment of the technical solution, helping to get the right data at the right time.

Our value lies in the ability to implement Big Data in an agile, realistic and adapted to the needs at all times, both evolving existing Business Intelligence systems and incorporating modular and scalable solutions that allow us to think about the future.

Big Data Use Cases

Applications of Digital Transformation solutions adapted to your needs.

Consulting and Strategy

We help you identify internal and external data sources that can be useful, analyzing and understanding them.

Data Capture and Data Cleansing

We perform the processing, storage and integration of data, whether structured, semi-structured or unstructured.

Data Exploitation and Analysis

We perform the exploration and descriptive analysis of data, as well as the creation and validation of predictive models.

Technical Architecture

We design and implement the architecture of the Big Data platform, with local storage systems or in Cloud Computing.

Visualization and Monitoring

We incorporate data visualization tools that help better decision making and in real time.

Data Science Factory

We offer a customized, fully configurable data analysis service, from capture to visualization.

Testimonials from our clients

I know the Exponentia/BWL team well and have had the opportunity to collaborate with them on several technology initiatives. They are a top-notch team, committed and focused on solid results to provide the best solutions to the companies they collaborate with.

César Romera

César Romera

Kyndryl - Chief Marketing Officer

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