Digital Transformation Consulting

Consolidate your company’s digital transformation along these four essentials: building/migration cloud infrastructure, business model transformation, end-to-end experience change and establishing a data-driven organization.

Enterprise Digital Transformation

Through digital transformation, we apply technology solutions to processes, products and assets in order to improve productivity and efficiency, as well as increase analytics capabilities. This translates into greater operational availability, improved risk management and ultimately the creation of new opportunities to generate revenue.

Some examples are: apps migration to cloud, ERP, dashboards, web-responsive applications, customized software, multi-tier applications and task automation, among others.

Digital Transformation Use Cases

Accelerate the growth of your organization with our leading Digital Transformation services.

Business Intelligence

  • Data warehousing
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting Automation
  • ETL and OLAP

Big Data

  • Consulting and strategy
  • Data capture and cleansing
  • Data exploration and analysis
  • Technical architecture
  • Visualization and monitoring
  • Data Science Factory


  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Virtual assistants
  • Process Automation
  • Cognitive AI
  • AIOps
  • Web scraping
  • Web services integration

Web/Mobile Applications

  • Web application development
  • iOS/Android development
  • Custom software

Testimonials from our clients

I know the Exponentia/BWL team well and have had the opportunity to collaborate with them on several technology initiatives. They are a top-notch team, committed and focused on solid results to provide the best solutions to the companies they collaborate with.

César Romera

César Romera

Kyndryl - Chief Marketing Officer

Industry and Digital Transformation

Developing Digital Transformation solutions for your industry.

Agri-Food Industry

The rapid development of innovation in the field of digital agriculture has highlighted a link between the production phase and the processing of the product, to finally reach the consumer.

Legal/Insurance Sector

Digitalization in the legal and insurance industry, although it has been a difficult process due to strict government regulations, has enabled investments in insurtech companies, resulting in the evolution of these industries.

Financial/Fintech Sector

Digital transformation can help the banking and financial sector, by studying the technological opportunities of banks and financial firms, and proposing a comprehensive strategy that allows the generation of value in the business.

Energy Sector

Digital innovation enables profound changes in the energy sector: predictive analytics to better anticipate the future, data to better inform decisions, and automation to take advantage of every incremental cost and opportunity.

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