Custom Tokens

Do you have a project in mind that relies on a Crypto Token but you don't really know how to do tokenomics or how to implement the project? Contact us without obligation to see the best solution.

Customized Tokens for Enterprises

There will be more and more projects based on standard tokens from different public networks. In this way, any project will be able to quickly access liquidity without intermediaries.

If you have a project in which you think that having a token can be totally differential and help the success of the project, we can contact you to establish the best technical strategy for the implementation of the token. At Exponentia we work with different public Blockchain platforms to develop the token.

Custom Token Use Cases

Blockchain solutions applications tailored to your needs.


It is the network on which to generate tokens that has the largest development community. We think Ethereum is the future.


New network that has been designed taking into account the problems that Ethereum has; the creator was also the creator of Ethereum.


Stellar is another very good platform for custom token development. At Exponentia we have already used it in several projects.

Cosmos SDK

Cosmos SDK offers the most flexibility as well as a good degree of integration with other public networks (interoperability).

Tokenomics Development

To set up new business models, it is necessary to define the incentive flows that the token has for the company or the community. This flow will directly condition its use.

Testimonials from our clients

I know the Exponentia/BWL team well and have had the opportunity to collaborate with them on several technology initiatives. They are a top-notch team, committed and focused on solid results to provide the best solutions to the companies they collaborate with.

César Romera

César Romera

Kyndryl - Chief Marketing Officer

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