Blockchain technology enables secure and reliable systems that allow the flow of information in a decentralized manner, without the need for third parties or intermediaries.

This technology, is an advantage for businesses because it allows to increase the speed in the transmission of data, increase transparency regarding the origin of the information and generate a more secure environment making this information immutable.

It is already a reality in many sectors, such as the financial, agri-food, legal or insurance ones, among others.

Exponentia has recently incorporated the company Blockchain Work Labs in order to provide quality services and products for its clients based on Blockchain technology.

This integration reinforces Exponentia's commitment to new technologies such as Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence.

Blockchain work labs

How can using blockchain technology benefit my company?

Use cases

Agro-food industry

Traceability applied to this sector is a problem that can be solved by applying Blockchain for the registration of actions at all points of the supply chain that affect certain products or foodstuffs.

- Unchangeable information

- Origin and traceability

- Consumer confidence

Legal and Insurance sector

This sector has many problems that affect record storage and certification that certain events have occurred and cannot be changed.

Nexus mutual, Etherisc, CDx.

Financial sector

When we talk about Blockchain technology, the financial sector has been the first to be impacted by the application of crypto-currency.

Blockchain is still a technology that facilitates secure transaction networks without intermediaries.

Success stories



Tool to facilitate the shareholders' meetings of Spanish companies taking advantage of the Blockchain technology. Cysae has defined all the legal logic and is currently in production.

Tokens Pombo

Tokens Pombo

Token based on a chain of blocks . The token allows donors to specify and allocate their donations to particular projects. This was the first issue of a legal token in Spain, and its aim was to make donations to NGOs and foundations with traceability and security of the whole process.

The Motor Chain

The Motor Chain

Mobile android and iOS app based on Blockchain that allows to trace the origin, history and modifications of classic cars to facilitate their documentation and purchase and sale. The goal of TMC is to be the standard for documentation of any classic vehicle and that it also ends up being the standard for all types of vehicles.

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