Artificial Intelligence applied to Financial Analytics

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AI Solutions for Financial Analytics

Even before AI was such a cool term, financial firms were using data to extract insights and gain a competitive advantage in this industry. However, modern data science is changing the financial sector in many ways. From fraud detection to risk analysis to algorithmic trading, all of these use data science to infinitely improve their performance. Many financial firms improve their profitability and sustainability by training Machine Learning models using a large amount of data they obtain from their customers, markets, rivals, etc. This allows companies to predict many important parameters, such as their stock market movements, retention schemes, etc.

AI Financial Analytics Use Cases

Applications of Artificial Intelligence solutions tailored to your needs.

Risk Analysis

Get trained to lower your risk score and measure the creditworthiness of your customers.

Fraud Detection

Detect anomalies in credit card and financial purchase histories.

Real-Time Analysis

Know where your money is currently invested and what is the state of the market.

Algorithmic Trading

Perform automatic trading transactions, free of human emotions and biases.

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I know the Exponentia/BWL team well and have had the opportunity to collaborate with them on several technology initiatives. They are a top-notch team, committed and focused on solid results to provide the best solutions to the companies they collaborate with.

César Romera

César Romera

Kyndryl - Chief Marketing Officer

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