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Artificial Intelligence Services and Solutions

Exponentia enables companies to adapt to Data-Driven and AI-Driven models for continuous leveraging of data and Artificial Intelligence services and solutions to develop new products and stay competitive in their industries. Cognitive automation and operational analytics help companies improve business outcomes and enable new services.

We offers strategic consulting for Business Case Identification, Data Discovery, Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Strategy solutions and Intelligent Process Automation.

Artificial Intelligence Use Cases

Accelerate your organization's growth with our leading Artificial Intelligence services.

Customer Analytics

  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer churn
  • Sales prediction
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Prospect evaluation
  • Community detection
  • Social media trends
  • Geomarketing

Product Analytics

  • Product recommendation
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Price optimization
  • Registration and event analysis

People Analytics

  • Retention and attrition
  • Organizational Network Analysis
  • Talent detection
  • Diversity measurement

Financial Analytics

  • Risk analysis
  • Fraud detection
  • Real-time analysis
  • Algorithmic Trading

Testimonials from our clients

I know the Exponentia/BWL team well and have had the opportunity to collaborate with them on several technology initiatives. They are a top-notch team, committed and focused on solid results to provide the best solutions to the companies they collaborate with.

César Romera

César Romera

Kyndryl - Chief Marketing Officer

Industry and Artificial Intelligence

Developing Artificial Intelligence solutions for your industry.

Agri-Food Industry

We help farmers and producers to gain a better understanding of their historical data to offer future forecasts and an improvement in their traditional processes through automation.

Legal/Insurance Sector

The legal and insurance sector can benefit from AI by gaining better productivity, improved customer experience, efficient claims management, and fraud reduction, among others.

Financial/Fintech Sector

AI is increasingly being used in financial applications, not only in identification and authentication, but also in complex communications and services such as risk analysis.

Energy Sector

With great potential for the future design of the energy system. Typical application areas for AI in this industry are electricity trading, smart grids or sectoral coupling of electricity, heat and transport.

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